Wine Storage

57 Degrees is your only choice for a pure California event experience.

San Diego’s Best Wine Storage Facility

Whether you are a private collector or have a commercial business, our temperature and humidity controlled wine storage facility is the perfect place to store your wine. We offer the ultimate marriage of tight security and convenient access.

Why should I store my wine at Fifty Seven Degrees?

You’ve invested time and money in the careful selection of your wine. Proper storage is essential to the optimal maturation. Temperature control is the most important factor. The ideal storage temperature is 57° Fahrenheit. This specific temperature allows your wine to mature, preserving and enhancing its complex flavors and aromas. Equally important is the amount of temperature change. Rapid temperature fluctuation may cause pressure changes within the bottle, forcing the cork upwards and allowing air to enter the bottle, leading to oxidation. Humidity is also an important consideration to keep the cork moist and the bottle of wine in optimal condition. Lastly, wine should be stored in a dark environment in order to retain its clarity, aroma and flavor. Fifty Seven Degrees understands these elements and has built a facility that ensures optimal storage for your wine.

We offer the highest degree of environmental control of any facility in San Diego. Our building is a secure, temperature, humidity and light controlled, vibration free structure made of concrete and steel. The cellar is kept at a constant 57°and 70% humidity. In order to provide you the greatest level of assurance, we have a computer monitoring system that hourly tracks both temperature and humidity.

New Customer Pricing*

24 case storage $499 per year
36 case storage $699 per year
84 case storage $1999 per year
150 case “racked” storage $2995 per year
*Call for more details. These prices only apply to NEW customers.

Community storage for less than 24 cases is also available.